Wednesday, December 9, 2009

20 Days of Christmas: Day 3 - Sony Reader Daily

All book reading enthusiasts, you need to check this out. This is Sony's Reader Daily Edition. This piece of technology has a seven inch touchscreen with 16 levels of gray as well as an AT&T 3G modem, enabling it to pull content wirelessly. It is out just in time for the Christmas holiday season having just launched and will retail for around $400. The 3G access will be free but will be limited to the Sony eBook store; it will have no web browser. The Reader will allow the owner to check out ebooks and other digital content from local public libraries through the library service finder and best of all, this service is free. The New York Public library is one of the public libraries that is a launch partner with thousands more looped in through a partnership with, which offers a huge selection of top-tier content that is available through the Chicago Public Library. Each library buys a fixed number of "copies" of each title and allows the licenses to be "check out," so basically once the book is "checked out" by a person, that person will have 14-29 days to finish with the book, depending on the local branch's rules.

I trust Sony products as they have been weel know for years for their Walkmans and various other products such as LCD televisions and many, many audio electronics. I have owned many Sony products and can testify to their quality, durabilty, and dependability.

More can be found out at Sony's website located at

There's really no discounts to be found anywhere, but this will definitely be worth the $399 price tag from wherever you purchase it.

William H. Cobb

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