Sunday, December 6, 2009

20 Days of Christmas: Day 1

Simply the Best Plasma TV I Have Owned

With it being Christmas time, I thought I would write another hub, this time for us older kids. I am going to discuss a fine bundle that Best Buy is currently offering that can also be found on their website at

This 42 inch Plasma Television is a 720p Plasma running at 600hz and is the Viera Series from Panasonic (Find out about more Panasonic products at This is a brilliantly designed and well put together product that Panasonic has really outdone themselves on. I have viewed and owned several Plasma sets from Samsung, Toshiba, and Pioneer, all of which are very nice, but this one is extremely nice. I personally own the 1080p version but that's because I got one heck of a deal from HH Gregg when I went to purchase the 720p version. My 1080p version cost $699, roughly the cost of this same bundle that Best Buy is offering. I was an avid LCD, particularly the Sharp Aquos sets, until I purchased this Panasonic Viera. The refresh rate is 600hz compared to the 120hz on my Aquos LCD and you can really tell when you are watching sports or playing games, which is what I primarily do along with watching BluRay on my Panasonic BluRay Home Theatre system. When I watched sports or played my Xbox 360 on my 120hz LCD, I noticed image blur, something that is not even close to happening while playing on my Panasonic Plasma.

Now, you have to remember also, you are purchasing this in a bundle with the Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite gaming system that comes with the 120GB hard drive and a free game which is around a $450 value anyway. You are getting a killer combo here.
All in all, this is by far one of the best deals I have seen this Christmas season. I am actually thinking about making this purchase and replacing the 32 in. Sharp Aquos LCD in the guest room.

If you are in the market for a new television, don't miss out on this Panasonic Viera 42 inch plasma television with Xbox 360 Elite combo from Best Buy for just around $700.

William H. Cobb
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